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Question: What categories are suggested for Blue Skyways partner projects?



There are five suggested categories in which your business/community may enter a program, project, or technology for consideration:

On-road applies to technologies or processes (including retrofits, re-powers, vehicle replacements and/or hybrid vehicles) that reduce air pollution from on-road vehicles and to transportation infrastructure and/or transportation efficiency innovation programs/projects/policies (such as idle reduction.

Non-road applies to technologies/processes that reduce air pollution from vehicles such as farm machinery and construction equipment.

Fuels look to integrate biodiesel, ethanol and other fuel technologies into the mainstream for both on and non-road vehicles and equipment.

Air/Water/Rail applies to technologies or processes that reduce air pollution or promote energy efficiency at airports, rail/locomotive hubs, marine/river vessels and ports, to reduce air pollution and/or promote energy efficiency.

Energy applies to technologies or processes that utilize renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative energy pathways to reduce air pollution from area and stationary sources.


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