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About Us

The Blue Skyways Collaborative was created to encourage voluntary air emissions reduction in North America’s heartland. The idea started in 2004 and with the help of CenSARA and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the collaborative celebrated a kick-off meeting in February of 2006.

Through partnership with non-profit and environmental groups, private industries and international, federal, state and local governments Blue Skyways strives to improve air quality. Participants of the collaborative pledge to make that goal possible through active and meaningful participation in planning or implementation of projects that use innovations in diesel engines, alternative fuels and renewable energy technologies. Working together allows members to leverage funding, share technology and professional expertise.

Today Blue Skyways incorporates ten states, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico, and the area along the borders with Canada and Mexico. The collaborative envisions a future where organizations will work together to reduce air emissions and make the heartland of America the Central Corridor of Innovation.

Working with the Blue Skyways Collaborative

The Blue Skyways Collaborative includes several options for participation, from assisting with planning and collaborative goals to implementing emissions reduction projects. Public and private companies, communities and individual citizens are welcome to join.

Becoming a Blue Skyways Partner

A collaborative partner is any business (public or private), community or municipality actively implementing projects to reduce air pollution through innovative strategies in diesel technology, renewable fuels and energy efficiency. For more information on becoming a partner, click here.

Connecting with other Participants

The collaborative currently has six working sector subcommittees communicating and sharing new technologies and activities. The subcommittees also provide input on goals and assist with implementation of projects.  


Task Force

The Task Force is responsible for providing guidance and setting the overall direction for the collaborative.

More Information

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