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Energy Project Ideas

solar panel

1) Reduce Energy Use:


2) Work with local area vendors to provide "green" energy efficiency products at a reduced/discount price


3) Adopt Local Ordinances/Resolutions that

Successfully implement a residential and/or commercial green building code in your community

Help sponsor a renewable energy/energy efficient power system in a building in the community (e.g., ground source heat pumps, solar hot water heating system, transpired solar heating).


4) Adopt an energy efficiency policy:

Replace traffic signals with LEDs

Conduct energy audits in community buildings and implement changes to create Green Public Buildings

5) Promote the use of:

Energy cells
Solar panels
Reflective Roofs
"Greenspacing" of public parking areas (biometrics)

6) Assist in funding an anemometer loan program to efficiently site wind turbines

7) Implement a Waste to Energy Program

Take the lead in establishing a landfill methane recovery program and secure a customer for the fuel.

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