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On-road Project Ideas

freight truck

1) Reduce emissions by implementing an emission reduction strategy for older diesel fleet vehicles and buses.

Use strategies such as:


Retrofits (use emission control techniques)


Conversion to/use of alternative and green fuel

Retirement/Replacement of older vehicles


2) Participate in the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities Program for alternatives fuels as part of an area Clean Cities Coalition


3) Work with local business sector to encourage/increase participation in EPA's SmartWay Transportation Partnership for their long and short haul shipping/freight needs (trucking)


4) Install a Truck Stop Electrification site


5) Adopt Local Ordinances/Resolutions that:


  • Direct local government staff to purchase the cleanest vehicle available for municipal fleets.
  • Implement anti-idling ordinances to limit idling in order to address air quality.
  • Add a "working green" clause to municipal contracts with local businesses which gives preference to or (financial) incentives to contractors who incorporate the use of green/alternative fuels and low emission vehicles whenever possible.
  • Explore the use and impact of mitigation policies, procedures or technologies.

    • Use of alternative routes to avoid congested roadways

    • Alternative scheduling to avoid rush hour, etc.


6) Implement a congestion mitigation and/or trip reduction strategy for the workforce


  • Public transit subsidies (% of workforce participation rate)
  • Car pooling program (% of workforce participation rate)
  • Telecommuting option (% of workforce participation rate)


7) Construct and implement an electric rail mass transit system for the community.

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