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Blue Skyways Webinar - June 2, 2010

Drivers and Opportunities for Improving Air Quality and Reducing GHGs

Webinar Transcript (PDF 33pp, 145K)
Click here to play webinar video
Please note that there is approximately 10 minutes of dead air before the presentation begins.
Download the Individual Presentations Below
Josh Tapp,
Air Planning and Development Branch,
EPA Region 7
Air Quality Standards and Ozone
Susan Stone, EPA’s Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
State Implementation Plans
Guy Donaldson, Chief, Air Planning Section,
Region 6
Missouri Community Outreach
Jeff Bennett, Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Air Pollution Control Program
Implementing the Ozone Standard
Amy Bhesania, Section Chief,
Community Partnership Programs
EPA Region 7
Co-benefits of Improving Air Quality
Neelam Patel, EPA Local Government Climate
and Clean Energy Program
Drivers and Opportunities for Improving
Air Quality and Reducing Greenhouse Gasses

Carrie Reese, North Central Texas Council of Governments
Questions and Answers from June 2 Webcast
Click here for June 16, 2010, Webinar
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