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Air/Water/Rail Subcommittee


The goal of the Air/Water/Rail Subcommittee is to facilitate participation, strategies, projects and funds to achieve emission reductions from air, water, and rail sources and improve public health in the nine-state collaborative region, plus Canada and Mexico.

Model Projects are an important part of the subcommittee’s strategy.

The group will develop a list of previously successful, cost effective projects (with cost and emissions reductions) that can be used as example projects for promotion and duplication for up to 2 facilities per Blue Skyways Collaborative state per year.

The subcommittee will work to facilitate an increase in use of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Voluntary Airport Low Emission Project (VALE) funds for diesel emissions reduction and renewable energy projects at eligible airports.

Idle reduction through hybrid engines such as the Green Goat, switch and locomotive engines, and auxiliary power is another subcommittee goal.

The Air/Water/Rail group will work to implement an Entry/Exit Pre-check and Inspection Facility at the Port of Houston’s Barbours Cut Container Terminal (and use as a model at other ports) to reduce truck emissions.

In the future, the subcommittee will work with a major chemical manufacturer in consolidating their three rail yards into one to reduce moving and storage costs.

The consolidation will also reduce idling emissions from switch locomotives, as they will be able to more efficiently move tanker cares.

Knowing about this project early, gave the subcommittee the opportunity to talk to the manufacturer about using hybrid switch engines that could reduce diesel missions by 100 tons per year of NOx per engine.

Through early warning, the subcommittee will identify more ways to reduce emissions at Intermodal Railway Facilities.

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