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Energy Subcommittee

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The Energy Subcommittee

The goal of the Energy Subcommittee is to facilitate timely implementation of energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy projects in the ten-state collaborative region, plus in adjoining areas of Canada and Mexico.

This Subcommittee is building on efforts that business and industry, the U.S., Canada and Mexican federal governments, States and Provinces, municipalities, and tribes have been pursuing for several years. Higher energy prices, concerns about energy production’s role in local, regional, and global air pollution, and the emergence of practical and cost-effective alternatives to conventional construction and power generation have all accelerated interest in enhancing energy efficiency and employing renewable energy.

The overall philosophy of the Energy Subcommittee is one of communication and coordination to achieve our goal of quickening the pace of energy efficiency and renewable energy innovations in order to reduce air pollution. Business and industry, non-profits, States/Provinces, locals, and tribes have been innovating their energy use as a matter of grass-roots initiatives for years. Federal governments offer valuable policy and regulatory support for these voluntary efforts, as well as funding that can be invested to nudge technology applications, facilitate market penetration, and target critical, specific projects. Bringing these various groups together to promote energy innovation is the organizing principle of this Subcommittee. The Subcommittee is aided in its work by an Interagency Agreement between the U.S. EPA and the U.S. DOE.

The Subcommittee members comprise industry, federal, State, and local staffs, and new members are always welcome. Currently, approximately 20 people regularly contribute to the Subcommittee, primarily through monthly conference calls and follow-up activities. Michelle Eis of EPA Region 7 serves as co-chair of the Subcommittee.

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For more information about the Subcommittee, contact Jim Yarbrough of EPA Region 6 at or 214-665-7232.

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