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Energy Subcommittee Assistance


As of July 2006 the Subcommittee is busy assisting with technical guidance and funding or funds identification for:

  • the “top 3” unfunded energy efficiency projects as identified by State Energy Offices in the 10 Blue Skyways States

  • a consortium intending to import windpower into a large metropolitan area

  • conferences to provide technical assistance to farmers, ranchers and small businesses to secure funding for renewable energy projects

  • four different methane capture and reuse projects

  • two potential “green truck stop” facilities with truck-stop electrification

  • a study to identify real-world, cost-effective applications of small-scale (1-25 Kw) hydrogen fuel cells

  • LED retrofits

  • development of State renewable resources maps

  • cooperative public-private financing to reduce the costs to States, Locals, and Tribes of implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

  • Energy Star benchmarking of government buildings


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