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Fuels Subcommittee

Fuels Subcommittee


The Fuels Subcommittee is introducing and implementing the use of alternative fuels with an emphasis on renewable fuels.


Public health will be improved through use of alternative fuels by both light and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment.


Renewable fuels such as E85 and biodiesel (to learn more about biodiesel emissions from a NREL study click here) are being introduced into the fuel supply in areas where they are not currently available.

The subcommittee is educating the public on these and other alternative fuels including CNG, LNG, propane, and others. Demonstration projects for potential agricultural biodiesel consumers are planned.


As a service to travelers, the subcommittee is working with state highway officials to add alternative fuel alerts to road signs and with car manufacturers to include this information on in-car navigation systems.

For more information about the Subcommittee, contact Sandra Rennie of EPA-Region 6 by email at


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