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Non-road Meeting Notes

Agriculture Meeting Notes


Non-road & Agriculture Subcommittees

The Non-Road Subcommittee concentrates on reducing air emissions produced by off-road vehicles in the fields of agricultural and construction.

The subcommittee is primarily concerned with retrofitting and re-powering equipment used in construction projects and promoting biofuel education in agricultural forums.

Through the use of model communities, the subcommittee will demonstrate the effectiveness of retrofit, re-power, rebuild and replacing construction equipment, or the use of biodiesel fuels on air emissions.

The subcommittee uses the data from the model communities to work with state Department of Transportation offices and Environmental Agencies to request pollution reducing methods in construction practices.

Partnering with several different agricultural related groups will help with the promotion of biofuels and alternative farming practices. Farm practices, such as no-till land management, reduce the number of trips the machinery makes up and down the field, which reduces fuel use and pollution.

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