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Truck Stop Electrification

truck stop electrification

The On-road Subcommittee works to expand truck stop electrification ( or TSE) sites within the ten Blue Skyways states.


The subcommittee has set a goal to increase truck stop electrification sites to 40 in the Blue Skyways Collaborative area by June 2008.


The On-Road Subcommittee believes TSE to be one of the most attractive and promising activities to reduce diesel emissions from the on-road vehicle sector.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Blue Skyways Collaborative participants have communicated with suppliers of truck stop idle reduction technologies to help determine a realistic goal for the Blue Skyways Collaborative area.


Suppliers tend to target areas and companies with the most revenue generating potential, including areas where there may be other financial contributions (e.g., Department of Transportation – Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality, EPA, state/local funds) to provide incentives and support for installation of additional TSE sites.


Feedback from suppliers was that 25 additional TSE sites is a reasonable goal. EPA and Blue Skyways Collaborative continue to communicate with suppliers to promote TSE and to achieve the TSE goal.


In addition, the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), a member of the Blue Skyways Collaborative and the On-Road Subcommittee, received a $3 million grant from the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership to promote reductions in fuel use, costs and air pollution.


Under this grant, TTI is working with EPA to develop a national deployment strategy for TSE sites, which targets promising areas for TSE installations and focuses on where and how many TSE sites will likely achieve the most significant local emissions reductions.

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